40ft X Bladnoch Whiskey Tasting

Sample some of the world's finest whisky, from Scotland's most southerly distillery Bladnoch, the premier lowland scotch in London's vibrant Dalston neighborhood at 40ft brewery. Bladnoch is the oldest independently operated distillery in Scotland, with a heritage of two hundred years of crafting whisky, and now you can go behind the scenes with an informative tasting. Led by their highly knowledgeable brand ambassador, Mark Rannoch, gain insight and savor a selection of five world class scotches, expertly guided through the tasting by Mark. 

During the tasting session, guests have the opportunity to explore the nuances of each whisky, learning about flavor profiles, distilling techniques, and the stories behind each. If you're a seasoned connoisseur of the sacred dram, or even new to the scene, the tasting offers a sensory journey that celebrates the craftsmanship and creativity of Scotland's finest export.

Whether looking to expand your whisky knowledge, connect with fellow enthusiasts, or simply enjoy delicious whiskeys in a welcoming atmosphere, the Bladnoch tasting at 40ft Brewery is an experience not to be missed.
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