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We brew modern beer with a nod to classic styles.

Our beers are for drinking. By this we mean that our beers are inclusive, sessionable and for all beer enthusiasts.  




ABV    |    4.8%

STYLE  |  German-style Pilsner; straw to pale in colour with malty sweetness with medium hop bitterness. 

BACKGROUND   |  We wanted to brew an inclusive beer that would engage with beer lovers that don’t enjoy the larger flavours typical to craft beer. This is our take on a pils style that still enjoys subtle flavours that we like to explore in our beer. 

TASTING NOTES |  Brewed with lager malt only, Disco Pils is light in colour with a clean and crisp biscuit flavour and light floral hop notes of green fruits and melon.

MALT     | Lager malt

HOPS    | Sovereign, Perle, Hüell Melon








ABV    |    4.4%

STYLE  |  Hazy Pale Ales are given their name due to their cloudy appearance. They often are juicy due to lower bitterness, leaning towards the fruitier west coast U.S. hops.   

BACKGROUND   |  We initially brewed this beer for Dalston Roof Park, a summer roof park destination in London and a perfect setting for a summer pale ale. 

TASTING NOTES | This hazy pale ale is full bodied with a malt bill of wheat, oats and malted barley giving it a hazy appearance. There is little to no bitterness as we add hops only at the end of the brewing process giving it a fruit forward aroma and flavour. 

MALT     | Golden Promise, wheat malt, flaked oat

HOPS    | Cascade, Mosaic, Hüell Melon, Calypso





ABV    |    6.0%

STYLE  |  West Coast IPA  



MALT     | 

HOPS    | 

YEAST   | 

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